Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Flaming tune

From time to time I need to clean the palette. The day the oil color incrustation begins to resemble a Pollock's delirium or a Burri's patchwork I've to baptize this morbid orogenic surface with sprays of alcool and waves of fire. When the matter becomes soft again I scrape it off with my putty knife. It's a hard and stressing physical work, but the feeling is very close to a sensual act. It simbolically forebodes the upcoming creative challenge of the large canvas, just like the alchemic "Genesis in test-tube" described by J. C. Barchusen in his book "Elementa chemicae", during which Azoth is put many times inside the bottle together with the fire in order to let the soul oozing.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Digging to the White Void

Digging to the White Void

Time of deep and bright uncertainty.
I bought two new canvases this morning.
I've got a plethora of new ideas and hallucinative concepts, partly under the influence of my study of the Andrew Wyeth's art book “Memory and magic” and the rediscovering of the ancient mastership of Van der Weyden and Brueghel I loved so much during my first adolescence. I've always been enchanted by that Wyeth's distinctive virtue of feeding the shadows with the sparkling coldness of the Maine rural deserts, as well as the Brueghel's luministic approach of rendering the epic sharpness of gargantuan buildings and chaotic crowds of ant-like people so close to those filling Times Square and Piccadilly Circus.
I have been particularly impressed by the famous Wyeth's “Christina's World” since the first time I saw it on a book many years ago, during a gloomy afternoon spent in a precious domestic loneliness. When I accidentally saw it again in 2004 I have been pushed to filter that sense of geometrical eternity and eerie epiphany in the canvas “Are you Carmilla?”, based upon my recurrent nocturnal anguish crises.
On the other hand, the upcoming paintings can be cosidered like two aerial pillars founded on the revelation of a female mood I recently recognized in the gesture and the “clarvoyance” of a young actress gaze. This is the first time I feel that a girl unknown to my daily world could reveal me much more than any person I have ever met in my “physical life”. It's a perception that reminds me some lucid dreams where an astral entity was trying to rescue me before I fell into an abyssal void. Maybe that's the reason for my being so firmly determined to begin these new picture, since it will be the only medium that will allow her to talk to me. Visions keep being the unique way to know the true roots of our reality shadow.