Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nyctalopia (video album)

Alessandro Fantini
Nyctalopia (2014)

Everything hiding in darkness hides a brightness.

Conceived, composed, performed and produced by Alessandro Fantini. 
Photos by Alessandro Fantini.
"Nyctalopia" video directed, edited and produced by Alessandro Fantini.
Album available on Bandcamp:http://afanalessandrofantini.bandcamp.com/album/nyctalopia

1.Night at Mechelen
2.Ossian in Slumberland
3.Maudsley odes
5.Blind glowworms
7.Thanatopsis - part 1
8.Thanatopsis - part 2 
9.The white people
10.The bronze dawn

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The other Italy of AFAN


This next wednesday 14th May, on international channel RAI ITALIA,
AFAN Alessandro Fantini will be featured in the popular program "COMMUNITY - The other Italy" to talk about his multimedianic art, his movies directed between Tokyo and New York, commenting also the painting "Je ne sais quoi" presently exhibited at the Flower Pepper Gallery in Pasadena.

Rai Italia 1 (Americas)
NEW YORK / TORONTO from monday to friday 18.00
BUENOS AIRES from monday to friday 19.00

Rai Italia 2 (Australia - Asia)
SYDNEY from monday to friday 18.15
PECHINO/PERTH from monday to friday 15.15

Rai Italia 3 (Africa)
JOHANNESBURG from monday to friday 16.30 - 

See more at: http://www.raitalia.it/dl/PortaliRai/Programmi/PublishingBlock-bfe4cedd-d5a6-4daa-bcc9-33078d07ab3a.html?ContentItem-01da9f6e-1343-4e17-af0f-47e141276aba#sthash.x8LP1O0K.dpuf

Wednesday, May 7, 2014