Friday, July 25, 2008



130 pages, 7.44" x 9.68", perfect binding, white interior paper, full-color interior ink, white exterior paper, full-color exterior ink

The Sinovial Gaze-The Art of Alessandro Fantini embodies the first attempt at gathering more than a decade of creative and hallucinative experiences lived by the “multimedianic” artist Alessandro Fantini in an unique visual ride along more than one hundred luxuriant color illustrations. The book depicts the progression of Fantini's quest for the medianic rendition of his most inner pulsions and visions. Since the early 90s, with the discovery of the oil painting and the surrealist concepts, his artworks higlight a turbulent tension towards the cinematic and narrative syntaxes that will soon led him to deal with shortmovies, novels, comics, videoart and music languages. The book is structured into three sections which explore chronologically the pictorial and graphic dimensions of his visionary craftmanship.

Among the featured artworks there are the David Lynch's portrait displayed for the first time at the Brick Lane Gallery, the erotic oil on wood board "O.B.E" featured in the Fantini's selfportrait printed on the Jean Michel Jarre's AERO album booklet, and the tribute to Stanley Kubrick personally donated to his wife Christiane Kubrick. Comments and notes by the artist himself, Jean Michel Jarre, Charles de Lauzirika, Claudio Castellini, Lorenzo Fantini.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Semilunar Passage

Il Varco Semilunare - The Semilunar Passage

Alessandro Fantini releases his first art book devoted to documenting 15 years of graphic enquiries and preliminary medianic sketches, flamboyant apparently illustrative pencil and black ink drawings and portraits spreaded over 140 pages with more than one hundred black and white plates. Commentaries, poems, newspapers excerpts and memories by the author himself support this intense journey through the AFAN's ambiguous and everlasting creative anamnesis. Available on at this [link] in the italian language soft-cover edition. The english version will be published sooner.