Wednesday, May 23, 2018


"They know nothing at all, yet profess to know everything. They are ignorant even of themselves, and are often too absent minded or near sighted to see the ditch or stone in front of them".

Erasmus - The Praise of Folly


Over thousands of years human madness has taken many forms, but only the 21st century has brought the most insane combination of them: cyber-egotism, cyber-ignorance and cyber-greediness aka the Trinity of Dementia.


Conceived, composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by AFAN Alessandro Fantini.

Lyrics, vocals and effects by AFAN Alessandro Fantini. 

Cover art by AFAN Alessandro Fantini.


Trinity of Dementia is out now on Spotify and Deezer.


Saturday, April 14, 2018


AFAN Alessandro Fantini

The music video of the new single "Ignorancid" from the upcoming AFAN's concept album.

Directed, animated and edited by AFAN Alessandro Fantini.
Music, lyrics and vocals by AFAN Alessandro Fantini. 

Thursday, February 8, 2018

AFANzine - Pre-Raphaelites

AFANzine - Art as told by AFAN Alessandro Fantini Pre-Raphaelites In 1848 three friends started the most revolutionary "reactionary" movement in the history of Art: the “Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood”, inspired by the bright simplicity and linear purity of Medieval art and Italian painting before the mannerist style developed after Raphael.

 Between video-magazine and documentary, informative program and video-art, in this series conceived and produced for the web, the multimedianic artist AFAN Alessandro Fantini browses the art currents and the artists who have contributed to its aesthetic training over the years, affecting the development of his personal multi-faceted approach to creativity.

Monday, January 1, 2018


2018 marks the 25th anniversary of AFAN Alessandro Fantini's relentless painting journey (to be celebrated in an upcoming multimedianic retrospective). 

AFAN 25 (a quarter-century with AFAN's paintings) 

Conceived and edited by AFAN. 
Music composed by AFAN (excerpts from "Antalgica" and "Gorgonia" albums).