Monday, June 16, 2008

Inside the set out of space

Before starting greater projects I use to test and develop new little and big intuitions all by myself, experimenting and exploiting the most improbable devices in order to achieve my main purpose: escaping from Reality without leaving Reality. These visions reach me mainly while I'm painting or writing something totally different from their content. Sometime I can manage to get them while I'm in a crowded place (squares, parties, city streeets, supermarkets, family lunches) where noise level is so high that my mind has to isolate itself to preserve its integrity, allowing to hidden thoughts and subtle emotions to resurface suddenly. I'm beginning the filming of this new short movie knowing it will be my last low-budget indipendent production located in my home town. Two weeks of insane monsoonlike storms has revealed the debris of old claustrophobic fantasies belonging to my remote childhood. However I'm fully aware that this place will never stop fuelling the engine of my phantom ship.

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