Wednesday, December 16, 2009

EDONISM - An Independent movie Production in Tokyo

Edonism is the tragic story of James Hallway, an English businessman from The U.K.

He came to Tokyo looking for the dream and a life with his beautiful wife, Sophie. Instead he found a life of toil, torment and alcoholism. Unable to face his descent into self destruction, Sophie left, abandoning him to his downward spiral into the gutter.

When things can't get any worse, his grip on reality is stolen from under him as he experiences all manner of hallucinations and ulitmately a coma.

When he is revived he begins to learn some terrifying truths about his condition and his connection to a long forgotten legend from ancient Japan.

Together with the resourceful Dr Geena Landlord he attempts a desperate quest of discovery that leads them both to the very heart of conspiracy involving a secret government order and the enigmatic being known as the The Cat Fish .

Alessandro Fantini

Is an independent artist / writer / filmmaker, who is currently active in the contemporary arts and film scene in Italy.

We are looking for talented actors and actresses to join in this exciting project, which will be entered into international film festivals and shown on European TV channels.

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