Friday, March 19, 2010

EDOnism Teaser

Teaser 2 edited by Alessandro Fantini
Music composed by Alessandro Fantini
Tv Announcer: Bianca Allen
Vocals: Helene Salvini Fujita
Produced by Lorenzo Fantini

Status: Post-production

Director, editor, animator, screenwriter and soundtrack composer: Alessandro Fantini

Producer, art director, co-writer, script consultant, casting director and location manager: Lorenzo Fantini

Line producer: Miles Edelsten

Assistant producer: Lucy King

Make up artist: Kana Yoshida

Cast: Sacha Mühlebach, Helene Salvini Fujita, Hiro Super, Lucy King, Lorenzo Fantini, Kyle Hauptman, Nate Jensen, Tony Evans, Alessandro Fantini.

Genre: Sci-fi thriller, drama, adventure

Shooting format: HDV

Runtime: Estimated 70 min.

Country: Italy, Japan

Language: English

Filming locations: Tokyo

Release date: June 2010

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