Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Mist of Future

"Composing music has been and still is an integral element of my expressive multilayered urgence. Even though the most prominent embodiment of my creative identity can be considered the visual language, it's the sonic shape that represents the turbine of its aesthetic engine. Somehow music works as the physiologic solution allowing my artistic projects to achieve their poetic and spiritual lubrication and let them swim in the neverending abyss of human as well as overhuman perceptions.
"In the Mist of Future" is one of my first concept albums I planned and edited keeping in mind the need to translate a specific mood through music, sounds and words. My musical worlds often work as ethereal landscapes where I can place the stories or the visual epiphanies I evoke in different periods of my life by writing novels, shooting movies or painting. It's like taking a journey into unknown lands without boundaries and slowly realizing that they have so many geographic features that you can easily transpose them into a detailed olographic map. Some of the songs contained into this album can be listened like impressionistic insights into well-defined zones of the emotive realm I was exploring six years ago, while others are mainly irrational feedbacks to menacing thoughts experienced during my wandering adventures across a misty continent where humankind is still crawling: its Future".

An illustrated booklet with the lyrics will be available as a bonus item of the full release.

You can listen and buy the whole album at

1 - Ouverture
2 - Transeunte 1
3 - Nella bruma del futuro
4 - Transeunte 2
5 - Quasar reveries
6 - Transeunte 3
7 - Coming back to Brandenburg
8- Transeunte 4
9 - Amnihollow
10 -Transeunte 5
11 - Florebit
12 - Transeunte 6
13 - Mistybrain
14 - Transeunte 7
15 - Ab origine

Lyrics and vocals by AFAN Alessandro Fantini.
Keyboards, sound programming, samples and sound editing by AFAN Alessandro

Cover artwork by AFAN Alessandro Fantini.

AFAN Sound 2005

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