Thursday, March 29, 2012

Giant show at TIMES SQUARE?

Art Takes Times Square

Presented by Chashama, Produced by Artists Wanted.
"We will be taking over a slew of the most iconic video billboards in Times Square to create the largest exhibition of art in New York City".

I've always dreamt about displaying my visions on vidwalls or on the skyscrapers and buildings facades since most of their subject refers to the swarming life of polymorphic metropolis nurtured and moulded by the irrational feedabcks of their inhabitants, like a mucilagenous brain pulsating inside an ever-changing hive made of cells full of fears and desires.

My portfolio needs to be collected 7 times in order to be viewable in the public judging, so spread the word and support my submission by clicking "collect" [link]

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