Monday, December 23, 2013

Bryant's ode

Alessandro Fantini - Bryant's ode (2013)

A poem in audiovisual verses and psychogenic visions dedicated to the city of New York as experienced by AFAN Alessandro Fantini's multimedianic brain.

Bryant's ode is my first attempt at translating into a living audiovisual mosaic of spoken feelings and unspoken moods my journey through the most iconic metropolis on earth, the "chess-board city" of New York, following the perpetual beat of street telling the secret heartbeat of mica-schist. Imbued by the spirit of the American poet William Cullen Bryant who promoted the creation of Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I wrote my personal ode to the city by using a kaleidoscopic ink made of music, words, images and sounds gathered during my wanderings around the most recognizable as well as less famous spots of the city, transforming the eponymous park into my own writing desk, in order to recapture the echo of that "still voice" coming from "Earth and her waters".

Conceived, directed, edited and produced by Alessandro Fantini.
Poem, voice, cinematography and special effects by Alessandro Fantini.

AFAN Pictures 2013.

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