Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Presque-vu - Atlas of Untold (2014 paperback edition)

AFAN Alessando Fantini
Presque vu - Atlas of Untold (2014 paperback edition)

The revised 2014 paperback edition of the art book "Presque vu - Atlas of Untold" will be soon available for sale on Amazon, but in the meanwhile you can buy it on the author's Blurb bookstore:

This second edition offers the same visual content updated with the latest artworks created between 2011 and 2014 in a more affordable and easy consulting format.

"I consider painting my most intimate dominion where pursuing the evocation of what I like to define “mysterium interruptum”, “a suspended mystery”, that is something very similar to the experience of the “presque vu”, “almost seen”, when we feel that we’re about to recall a name or a word without being able to tell it. In fact like the more sensual “coitus interruptus”, the pleasure of this impression relies on the anguished awareness of the unspeakable that only the crystallization of momentum rendered by a painting can deliver to the watcher".

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