Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New York a venture, featured in Cinecorriere news

An excerpt of the article released on the Italian movie magazine http://Cinecorrierenews.it http://www.cinecorrierenews.it/index.php/component/k2/item/1210-new-york-a-venture-il-nuovo-film-di-alessandro-fantini-girato-a-manhattan
The eclectic artist Alessandro Fantini is back to talk to us about his recent adventures in the most famous sleepless island of America, namely about a mysterious "venture" that will lead the protagonists of his new movie to regain the lost fragments of their childhood among the flames of a Vision suspended between History and Imagination. "In a New York minute / everything can change, in a New York minute / Things can get pretty weird." "The refrain, taken from the song by Don Henley, might be the perfect " logline", the promotional summary of the plot of" New York, A Venture", the movie filmed in Manhattan last summer while going up the currents of that Inner Time which bedew the orthogonal arteries of America's most famous sleepless island . A wavering and hectic Time that I started sailing over the fall of 2013 during my first stay between the Hudson and East River, walking through the crowded streets with my videoreflex wielded like a sextant conceived to decipher an emotional constellation that would have indicated me the route towards the mental rim where the visible New York is wedged in his disembodied counterpart. Only on its bottom I would have been able to discover the hidden humus of History and the unspeakable Visions feeding it.The New York where the neo-Gothic architecture of the Trinity Church, Saint Patrick and skyscrapers such as the Woolworth Building and the General Electric Building merge the momentum of sacred and secular ambitions in the vertigo of the assault to the sky, while the renewed railway of the High Line winds above the streets, piercing the buildings until the Lower West Side, to challenge, with its hanging flower beds, the dryness of the concrete and traffic below, where men in suits dance barefoot, and preachers in threadbare jackets stop at curbs railing against the evil lure of capitalism (...)"

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