Friday, June 7, 2019

AFANzine - Blade Runner

AFANzine - Art as told by AFAN Alessandro Fantini


Glows of humanity in the night of the future

 Written, edited and produced by AFAN Alessandro Fantini

Music inspired by the soundtrack of VANGELIS composed by AFAN Alessandro Fantini

  In a 2019 technologically different from that imagined by Ridley Scott and Philip K. Dick, AFAN analyzes that one described by the film that in 1982 was able, in its own way, to prophesy the loss of empathy and the hyperconnected replicants loneliness of the current future. Between video-magazine and documentary, informative program and video-art, in this series conceived and produced for the web, the multimedianic artist AFAN Alessandro Fantini browses the art currents and the artists who have contributed to its aesthetic training over the years, affecting the development of his personal multi-faceted approach to creativity.

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