Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A Quiet scene in Los Angeles

 The art of AFAN Alessandro Fantini comes back to Los Angeles for the ENO brothers

I'm proud to announce that my art video "Verdigris", filmed for the Brian&Roger Eno's "Mixing Colours" project, will be part of the public multimedia installation "A quiet scene" that will be exhibited on the Jerry Moss Plaza at the Los Angeles Music Center from January 22 to February 21, 202 in collaration with the no-profit radio Dublab.

My own contribution aims at translating into a "living painting" staged in front the Sangro Valley's twilight, the pensive state of mind conjured by the Eno brothers music during the first "lockdown" period.

"One of the qualities of art is that it allows a diving board from which to jump into one's own interior. It's a means of communication that encourages the whispers of personal interpretation. The pleasure of looking at these films is noticing how each one draws out something different from the music it accompanies. We hope you enjoy the dive." - Roger and Brian Eno

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