Thursday, June 11, 2009


Paintings and movies are artificial plants born from the seed of Vision one has in one's mind. The practical gesture of moving the brush upon the blank surface of canvas recalls that one of tattoing the pale skin of a dead body. Visions to me are so cruelly concrete that painting them has the same value of giving life to their spiritual flesh. Now the cyber space, the high definition technology, the virtual realities, the digital film-making, the 3D and 5.1 audiovisual experience, the web streaming are announcing the end of the “Multimedia Era” and the beginning of the “Multimedianic Age”. Therefore, even when I just paint or direct a movie, what I unleashed on the canvas or on the screen is nothing but the “imprinting” of these medianic visions which contain all the high definition realities of the Invisible. Visions mean listening to the images and watching the sound. Over the years I applied this concept to everything I managed to create in order to stay faithful to the source of my irrational and biological pulsions, since I never considered my art as a simple activity separated by my daily life. Many of my short movies, art videos and novels such as "The Rain Frames", "Endometria", "Amnihollow", "aVoid", "Body Locked" deal with the recurrent theme of the transmogrification of matter and of human body, often signifing the substantial ambiguity of being, where illusions, hallucinations and dreams are made of the same tissue of our so-called reality and sometime are able to unveil realms more concrete than our own world. In my new feature movie "NEPENTE"that will be premiered in the next weeks, I developed these themes linking them to the new existential crisis of human identity in the era of the social networks, forums, blogs and chat rooms where the massive proliferation of imaginary personalities has dramatically increased the fragmentation and the distortion of our Ego.

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