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Deluxe edition of The Sinovial Gaze - the Art of Alessandro Fantini

The Sinovial Gaze - Deluxe edition

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The Sinovial Gaze-The Art of Alessandro Fantini embodies the first attempt at gathering more than a decade of creative and hallucinative experiences lived by the “multimedianic” artist Alessandro Fantini in a unique visual ride along more than one hundred luxuriant color illustrations. The book depicts the progression of Fantini's quest for the medianic rendition of his most inner pulsions and visions. Since the early 90s, with the discovery of the oil painting and the surrealist concepts, his artworks higlight a turbulent tension towards the cinematic and narrative syntaxes that will soon led him to deal with shortmovies, novels, comics, videoart and music languages. The book is structured into three sections which explore chronologically the pictorial and graphic dimensions of his visionary craftmanship. This 2009 hard cover deluxe edition includes new notes and more recent artworks in bigger size.

"Alessandro’s devotion to oil and canvas has rewarded us we with enough medianic meditations on the nature of the human mind to keep us transfixed for many years to come. His discipline and persistence from early childhood through his teens and now into his adulthood has taken the viewer on an incredible journey through an isolated landscape that invites dialogue, challenges preconceptions of existence, and teases us with sexual imagery that writhes through both foreground and background. DSC_0202

Alessandro is fascinated by the interior of the human mind, and more precisely his own. His art is defined by the eerie images of the transmogrification of the human body, its transience from youth to age, from life to death, from ethereal to grotesque animalism. The complexity of his images refuses to be defined precisely and they’re often unsettling in their depiction of our psychic core.
Alessandro shows heavy influence from Dali, especially in his early paintings. Employing many of the same techniques and compositions as that mad old Spaniard, Alessandro refined and evolved his painterly skills. His earlier works are a cacophony of colour, passion and violence that bursts from the canvas.

The young painter exploring his sexual desires is most clearly evident by the fantasy females and phantasmagorical muses that haunt the ruined walls of castles and churches. Indeed they’re a recurrent element throughout his works, as we’re faced, uncomfortably so at times, with the raw, burning Eros that knaws deeply at the hearts of men."

Excerpt from the new Lorenzo Fantini's foreword.

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