Saturday, January 5, 2013

Beyond the Veil of Sais

Beyond the Veil of Sais (2008)
 (Vertical Triptych of Ego)
oil on canvas 60x80 cm.

Even though it was an enlightening revelation when I read it for the first time, I never really believed in the Sigmund Freud’s schematic model of human psyche divided in ID, Ego and Super Ego. Actually since my childhood I felt the presence of many more entities and forces inside myself, which weren’t so easily classifiable ‘cause over the years they continuously kept exchanging and merging between themselves. A useful method to project some of them out of my mind was a solitary role game with which I managed to let them speak and act through my voice and body. Two of the most recognizable figures among those molded by this peculiar ritual, were those of my sister and my twin brother, projections of the female and irrational shades of my own personality.
When I grew up and I quit playing that game the outlandish feeling of being surrounded by these “alter ego” never completely abandoned me: somehow giving them a fictional and iconographic life into my novels, movies, drawings and paintings has become the most effective surrogate to that role game. In the last few years the growing need to achieve a spiritual completeness through a real woman transformed them into the members of a mystical family living within my soul: consequently my twin brother became my son and my sister became my wife, thus recreating the Trinitarian structure of Freud’s theory as well as that one of religions such as Christianism, Hinduism, and particularly Egyptian consisting of the god Serapis, the goddess Isis and the child-god Horus.
The divine process of creativity allows to shape a symbolic shrine to contain and enhance the multitude of Ego haunting us for a lifetime.

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