Thursday, February 19, 2015

ENDOMETRIA - The seed of flesh

After the release of the second Italian edition, the English translation of the Alessandro Fantini's dark-fantasy novel "Endometria - The seed of flesh" is finally on the way.
 Illustrated by the author himself, the novel was the main title of the "Fantagraphia" fantasy series launched in 2006 by the Italian publisher Liberodiscrivere based in Genoa, providing a more mature and dark sequel to the fairy tale "The Night Veil" released in the eponymous narrative collection. In order to satisfy the many requests of the non-Italian readers eager to discover the prodigious and dreary events unleashed by the Monks of Garras and the mysterious woman appeared in the desert of Grafiad, the author is currently working on an English adaptation of the novel that dramatizes most of the visual and poetic themes explored in his paintings and movies.

 Having forgotten the years of the imprisonment by the Veil of Night, now Edel and Arnel reign on a new marquisate, far from the wars plaguing the realm of Lantaria. Despite their harmonious life, the epicenter of the chaos that is about to fall on the entire continent, is pulsating at the root of their love.What's the origin of the seed hidden inside the beak of the bird "franofelus"? Who are the acolytes of the Ancient Whisper? Why the monks of Garras have left their monastery to build new cathedrals in the city of Antalide? The ancient race of Aledani was really extinct along with their dark power? It will be up to Arnel to face, through his flesh, the hurricanes of memory in which the mystery of the "Eulatma children" is waiting to lash out.

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