Wednesday, November 30, 2016


I managed to meet Jean-Michel Jarre for the first time last summer, while my brother Nicola was in serious lack of oxygene, since he was dying of pulmonary adenocarcinoma at 49. I told him how much my brother loved his music and used to play it to me when I was a child, introducing me to the musical realm that inspired most of my visual artworks. He had a special attachment to the Oxygene tape he played over and over on his car stereo. Jarre asked me what his name was and signed the cover of an Oxygene lp for him.
It was one of the most intense and symbolic moment of my life, since the art book I gave him contained also my painting dedicated to the 30th anniversary of “Oxygene” depicting two lungs filled with the liquid oxygene dripping from the Antarctic of a dying earth.
My brother died few hours after watching the photos of my meeting with Jarre. A vital cycle was ending, as well as a long season of my life. Another Life was going to breath again through Art and Memory.

That's what Oxygene has meant to me and my brother.

My photos of the meeting and some artworks inspired by his music are currently featured on Jarre's official website:

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